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The globe in our logo symbolises International Standards,
Leaves symbolise growth and,
Hat symbolises quality education.

About Us

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At My School!

The school was established on 1st Jan 2012 and each year we have been taking baby steps towards growth. We are an inclusive school and have 2 specially abled children in every class. We lay a strong foundation for children to grow in a healthy environment where they acquire an attitude to learn, lead and enjoy. 

Known for learner-centric and skill-based methodology, we have well-defined classes with the strength of 30-35 students each where a child learns to accept sportsmanship qualities, appreciation, encouragement, participation and learning. 

My school believes that every child is like a mystery book, thus the school has no bias towards normal kids, special kids, rich or poor, caste and creed, nation and nationality. What makes our school unique is “giving equality to special children and also free education to the needy.”

Grow with My School

Where Quality is Priority

Robust Infrastructure

The best CBSE School in Wakad, Tathawade has a child-friendly infrastructure that helps in 360 degree development of children.

Experienced Teachers

Education at My School is powered by experienced and well-trained teachers who are sincere and dedicated towards their work.

Upgraded Curriculum

Our meticulously framed curriculum is at par with the dynamic education trends that develop children into responsible world leaders.

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Founder’s Message


My School is a family to me. It is not just a source of earnings but a centre to mould and develops the future of a child. You have entrusted us with a paramount responsibility for your child’s education and we will do our best to come up to your expectations. We have a legacy to leave behind, a legacy in the form of successful students who are an asset to the world. My dream is to give my country amazing citizens who take India to a peak that no one would have imagined, to make every child a wonderful citizen, may it be as a nano scientist or an artist! 


 “ Heart of a Teacher”

A child arrives like……..a mystery box…..

With puzzle pieces inside .

Some of the pieces are broken and missing

And others just seem to hide

But heart of a the teacher can sort them out

And help the child to see

The potential for goodness he has within

A picture of what he can be

Her goal is not just to teach knowledge

By filling the box with more parts its putting the pieces together, 

to create the work of art

The process is painfully slow at times some need more help 

than the other  ,each day for a child is work in progress.

with assorted shapes and colour

First she creates a class room

Where the child can feel safe in the school

Where he never feels threatened or afraid to try

And kindness is always the rule

She knows that the child can achieve much more ………

Once he feel secured inside,

When he is valued and loved and beliefs in himself and he has 


She models and creates a teaches a good character  and respect one another ,

How to focus on strength…… weakness……

and to encourage each other …..

She gives the child the freedom he needs……to make choice of its own 

so he learns to become more responsible ……..and is able to stand alone

He is taught to be strong and thin for himself As his soul and print heal 

and the puzzle that ‘s taking shape inside has a much more positive feel .

The child discover they joy that comes from learning something new…. 

And his vision grows as he begins to see all the things that he can do .

A picture is formed  more pieces fit an image and the child within….

With greater strength confidence and a believe that he can win!!!

All because a hero was there in the “heart of a teacher “

Who cared enabling the child to become much more then he ever imagined or dared

A teacher with a heart for he children knows

What teaching is all about ……She may have not answered all…… 

but on this …… she has no doubt …..

When asked which subject she loved to teach ,

She answered with a smile

“its not the subject that matters …….

Its all about teaching the CHILD”